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Baby, I've got some damn bad intentions

I got some secrets I forgot to mention

Haven't learned my lesson

Eto / One-Eyed Owl - Rank SSS Ghoul

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Me and Sensei

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"Forgive me Sasuke…
…It ends with this."

Itachi Uchiha for kpopandanimelover

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*gets a sugar daddy just to pay for textbooks*

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Inori Yuzuriha(Guilty Crown) | Sai Westwood

You’ve worked hard, Karasuno.

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numbers with their meanings(according to christianity x x x)

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- " why Didn't You Tell Me This Sooner ? Why Did You Hide It ?"
       - "Because I Knew You would Cry"

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Karasuno 1st years with sweater / cardigan! (・◇・)/ 
( I really love cardigan and sweater hgnghg ) 


Winner: Imagination
Character of the Week as Voted on By Our Followers
↳Fave Opening

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